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Markets & applications

Printasleeve Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of top quality products for use in many and varied markets and applications. All our cable marker, sleeve identification and protection systems undergo a wide range of demanding tests and many have been designed to meet stringent national and international standards.  They are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity and full traceability.  We also work with key international manufacturers to provide market leading brands.  Where specific approvals, certification or manufacturer is required, we ask that this information is provided at the time of enquiry to ensure full conformance with client specifications and expectations.


Below are some examples of how Printasleeve meets the needs of principal sectors supplied directly or indirectly by us.

Mass Transit/ Rail

We have a wide range of zero halogen, low smoke, toxicity and fire hazard tubing, and braided sleeving ideal for rolling stock and trackside applications, and provide identification products and bespoke markers and labelling for use in enclosed spaces.  We also offer medium and heavy walled products specifically designed for environmental sealing, impact and abrasion resistance as well as fuel and chemical resistant solutions.


We offer insulation and identification solutions for use in clinical, medical and healthcare applications including on and in the production and maintenance of surgical devices used for in body and peripheral applications.  These include a wide range of PTFE and silicone tubing with pertinent certification and approvals.

Commercial and Industrial

We stock a comprehensive range of heatshrinkable, extruded and braided sleeving, labels and markers.  These are used in many and varied applications such as electrical connections, identification, colour coding, marking and organisation or protection of components and meet commercial and industrial standards including UL approval.  Pre-printing, cutting and kitting services are available as required.


Printasleeve Ltd offer a vast number of heat shrink, braided protective and labelling solutions for engineering and maintenance in the automotive industry.  These products have been designed for cable harness manufacture as well as the automotive aftermarket, motorsport, commercial and light vehicle repairs, service and maintenance.

Military/Defence/ Aerospace

We stock a wide range of MIL-SPEC insulation, identification, labelling and protection products designed specifically for military, defence and aerospace applications such as for use in wire and harnessing components, in ground vehicles and communication equipment.  Many can be supplied custom printed as required.


Printasleeve offer a vast array of tubing, braided sleeving, identification products in an extensive range of sizes and colours for use in and around the field of telecommunications, mobile communications and IT.  These include products suitable for installation, maintenance and refit.


Printasleeve supplies many adhesive, non-adhesive and braid identification and protective solutions suitable for the marine, sub-marine and boat and leisure craft builders. These include zero halogen, low smoke and low toxicity tubing and labels as well as sealing products in a vast array of colours and sizes.  Many can be supplied custom printed as required.

Infrastructure/Utility/ Energy

Printasleeve offer a large range of electrical insulation, mechanical and chemical protection as well as identification products ideal for medium and high voltage use.  We also offer a large range of low fire hazard and zero halogen tubing and labels.  We stock a vast range of high shrink ratio and large diameter non-adhesive and adhesive products in many colours, many of which can be provided with custom print.


Printasleeve offer product solutions for a vast array of applications.  Below is a list of recommended materials for common engineering challenges.  This list is designed to be used as a starting point and is by no means exhaustive.  We are always happy to use our extensive knowledge and experience to advise further.


Products operating as an electrical insulator, prohibiting electric charges from flowing freely and making it nearly impossible to conduct an electric current include all heatshrink and extruded products

Abrasion and mechanical protection

Products designed specifically to protect components, wires, cables and pipes from the process of scraping or wear through abrasive contact or mechanical damage from physical impact, cutting, external stresses or by nature of use include polyester braids (PB/PGPCNWAB-GPFRHLPBVO/PGVOABS), adhesive-lined products (PF/A1 3-1coloured4-16-1MWHW), polyvinylidene sleeving (HSK)


Products designed to prevent and protect components, wires and cable harnesses from water ingress and corrosive damage include adhesive-lined products (PF/A1 3-1coloured4-16-1MWHW), and PTFE sleeving (PTFE TWSTWHW)

Chemical and environmental protection

Products specifically designed to protect wires, cables or pipes from damage resulting from exposure to chemicals such as fuels, acids and other abrasive and aggressive agents include PTFE sleeving (PTFE TWSTWHW) and silicone rubber tubing (SR)

Identification/ Labelling

Products designed to make wire and harness systems identifiable via simple colour coding or more complex pre-printed and cut marker sleeves include coloured heatshrink, printed sleeving and coloured braid (PCN)

Branding and cosmetic appearance

Products used to tidy, organise and decorate components, wires, cables or pipes for branding and professional finish include coloured heatshrink, printed sleeving and coloured braid (PCN)

Strain relief

Products designed to provide reinforcement at the point where cabling meets a connector or plug or permitting flexibility in the cable without putting stress on the vulnerable joint include all heatshrink and adhesive-lined products (PF/A1 3-1coloured4-16-1MWHW)

Organisation and bundling

Products used to organise, bundle and group wires, cables, pipes and other components include polyester and other braids

Repair and refit

Products specifically designed for repair and retrofitting during routine and unplanned maintenance include all braided sleeving

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