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PVC GP PVC - Non-shrink PVC - Non-shrink


General purpose, flexible non-shrink PVC sleeve with an operating temperature of -25°C-+70°C. It is a low cost solution ideal for many commercial and industrial applications.

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PVC 105T PVC - Non-shrink PVC - Non-shrink


Flame retarded, flexible non-shrink PVC sleeve with an operating temperature of -40°C-+105°C which conforms to Underwriters Laboratories at 300V and 600V.

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LSF GY-PVC PVC - Non-shrink PVC - Non-shrink


Limited fire hazard, non-toxic, halogen-free non-shrink sleeve ideal for applications where smoke and fume emissions must be minimised. It is available in a full range of colours and sizes.

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Thin-wall, non-flammable sleeving with an exceptionally high operating temperature, very low coefficient of friction, high dielectric strength and virtually inert to all chemicals ideal for enhanced protection of wire, cable and components.

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Silicone Sleeving Silicone Rubber Silicone Rubber


Highly elastic, flexible, high and low temperature resistant tubing which is is valued for its strength, hygienic properties, longevity of life, flexibility and translucency (where applicable)

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NP Neoprene Neoprene


Very flexible, petrol, oil and ozone resistant tubing made from highly elastic extruded Polychloroprene Rubber also known as Chloroprene.  It is ideal for the binding and identification of cabling and leading into plugs.

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Wraparound labels Non-shrink markers and labels Non-shrink markers and labels

Wraparound labels

Also known as cable wraps, cable labels or cable markers, these vinyl labels are perfect for the easy identification of cables and wires. They are available in customised sizes and colours to suit any size.

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Raised Panel plates Non-shrink markers and labels Non-shrink markers and labels

Raised Panel plates

Foam-backed polyester labels with permanent, adhesive which are designed to replace engraved plates for the identification of instrument panels, control panels, electrical cabinets, racks and any other property.

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Tie-on Cable Labels Non-shrink markers and labels Non-shrink markers and labels

Tie-on Cable Labels

Made of thermoplastic polyether polyurethane (PUR or PU), they are halogen free, flame retardant, water and micro-organism resistant and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Extruded and non-shrink products

We offer a full range of non-shrink and extruded products including standard, super thin and heavy wall PTFE, many PVC jackets from general purpose, LSF low smoke and fume to UL and BS 85T & 105T approved tubing, silicone rubber tube, neoprene (Polychloroprene) as well as raised panel plates, tie-on cable labels and wraparound vinyl cable wraps. Products are suitable for a whole range of commercial and specialist applications including mass transit, military, aerospace, food and pharmaceuticals. They are available in many colours including neon and metallic, AWG, metric and imperial sizes as well as bespoke sizes, colours, printing and cutting services

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