Printing and Cutting

Printasleeve offers a full range of high quality printing services to meet all your branding and identification needs quickly, efficiently and affordably. The experienced professionals in our Custom Cutting and Printing Department print on adhesive and non-adhesive heatshrinkable polyolefin and PVC and other high temperature sleeving, organised ladder-style markers, vinyl wraparound, panel plates as well as many other substrates. We also offer highly accurate cutting services, re-reel and package according to customer specific requirements.


  • Hot Foil Stamping

    The ideal printing solution for top quality branding requirements, adhesive lined and large diameter sleeving and/or incorporating intricate design. It is also sometimes recommended for use in harsh environments.

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  • Thermal Printing

    Printed to your specification, we supply large or small runs of pre-printed sleeving, markers and labels which meet with commercial, industrial, military and mass transit standards and are packed ready for use.

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  • Custom printing

    Custom printing via hot foil stamping or thermal transfer is a simple & effective way of branding and labelling your cables  with your logo, text, barcodes and any required information.

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  • Pre-printed sleeves and markers

    Pre-printed PVC, layflat PVC, polyolefin, silicone, neoprene markers as well as wraparound vinyl labels, laminate and tie-on cable markers for identification and organisation of all types of wire and cable installations

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  • Cut sleeves

    Pre-cut, packaged and in ready to use cut sleeves which are accurate to strict length and angle tolerances and supplied in large or small quantities to suit your particular project.

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  • Cutting and Re-Reeling

    Comprehensive cutting and re-reeling services allowing supply of your chosen tubing or sleeving in pre-cut, packaged, ready to use pieces in accordance with your bespoke requirements.

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Printers, cutters and consumables

  • Printable heatshrink sleeving and markers

    Print ready markers and heatshrink sleeving have undergone a number of highly specific flattening and cleansing processes to ensure optimum printing.  They are available in a number of colours, sizes and grades meeting different industry specific standards.

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  • Foils and ribbons

    Ribbons and foils which has been fully tested to ensure maximum durability and vibrancy.  They are available in variety of colours and widths for different applications, machines and requirements.

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  • Software

    Fully tested labelling software for producing customised labels specific to your company or application which supports barcodes, databases and is ideal for use with thermal transfer printers.

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  • Printers

    Fully tested versatile and dependable thermal transfer printers suited to printing on a full range of cable identification systems.

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  • Hot knife cutters

    Recommended for cutting braided sleeving and cable jacket, these hot knife cutters have the are available in a range of sizes and powers.

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