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Tie-on Cable Labels

Tie-on Cable Labels are made of thermoplastic polyether polyurethane (PUR or PU). They are halogen free, flame retardant (raw material fulfils UL94-VO), water and micro-organism resistant. Designed to be fixed to the cable or wire using cable ties, they are available in many colours as standard.  They can be supplied unprinted or pre-printed according to your particular specification.

PUR cable tags allow you to create clear, unambiguous cable identification tags for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can be attached to wires, cables, bundles, pipes,  and many other items using cable ties or lacing cord.  Often used to identify data centre wires, a/v cables, power and ground cables, cable harnesses and larger data/electrical cable installations, they offer excellent tear, solvent, heat and UV resistance over extended periods. They are supplied on rolls in an all-in-one construction where the extruded marker functions as the carrier which has been partially perforated for easy separation.  They are available in a number of configurations including 1 or 2 across and diamond.  A variety of other types of tie-on cable labels such as laminate markers can also be supplied on request.

Stress at 20% elongation 13MPa DIN 53504
Stress at 100% elongation 19MPa DIN 53504
Stress at 300% elongation 33MPa DIN 53504
Tear Strength 110N/mm DIN 53515
Abrasion Loss 30mm³ DIN 53516
Compression set at room temp 30% DIN EN ISO 815
Tensile Strength after storage in water (80°C for 42 days) 20MPa DIN 53504
Elongation at break after storage in water (80°C for 42 days) 400% DIN 53504
Notched impact strength (Charpy) at 23°C 50kj/m² DIN EN ISO 179
Notched impact strength (Charpy) at -30°C 3kj/m² DIN EN ISO 179

Technical Data

  • Operating Temperature: -25°C-+80°C
  • Flame Retardant: UL94-VO (raw materials)
  • Colours:
    • Yellow, white, red, blue, orange, green, black, others on request,
    • white,
    • red,
    • blue,
    • orange,
    • green,
    • black,
    • (others on request)
  • Packing: On rolls
  • Print: Yes text, logos, barcodes, serial nos
  • Approvals: DIN 53505, 53479, 53504, 53515, 53516, EN ISO 815, 179, UL94-VO (raw materials)
  • Applications / Industries:
    • General
    • Electrical
    • Industrial
    • Military-defence
Properties Typical Values Test Methods
Operating Temperature -25°C-+80°C
Length change on shrinking -25°C-+80°C
Tensile Strength 30MPa DIN 53504
Ultimate elongation 400% DIN 53504
Density 1.27g/cm³
Hardness 58 shore D DIN 53505
UV Resistance Excellent
Radiation resistance 1.27g/cm³
Tear Resistance 110N/mm DIN 53515
Compression Set 30% (room temp.) 45% (at 70˚C) DIN EN ISO 815
Flammability UL94-VO (raw materials)
Chemical resistance Good

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