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Neoprene sleeving is a very flexible, petrol, oil and ozone resistant tubing made from highly elastic extruded Polychloroprene Rubber quality 3490. It is available in 12 different colours and in diameters of 1.2mm – 17mm as standard. Bespoke sizes and wall thicknesses on application and cutting and printing as required.

Also known as Chloroprene, neoprene rubber sleeving is ideal for the binding and identification of cable harnesses, braided mains leads into plugs and portable equipment, and as electrical insulation. It has good elastic and mechanical properties and is not corrosive to metal. Neoprene’s elastomeric properties mean a high degree of expansion can be achieved during assembly making it easy to apply either as a continuous length or in cut markers.

Technical Data

  • Operating Temperature: -30°C-+90°C
  • Colours:
    • Black,
    • White,
    • Blue,
    • Green,
    • Yellow,
    • Orange,
    • Brown,
    • Red,
    • Purple,
    • Grey,
    • Pink,
    • Light Blue,
    • Green / Yellow
  • Sizes: 1.2 - 17
  • Packing: Coils, cut to length, cut sleeves
  • Print: Yes, text and logos
  • Approvals: BS 3858 type 1C, UL approved, RoHS compliant
  • Applications / Industries:
    • General
    • Commercial
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Automotive
Properties Typical Values Test Methods
Operating Temperature -30°C-+90°C
Tensile Strength 6.5MPa
Ultimate elongation >500%
Hardness Shore A 40±5
Tear Resistance 10kN/m
Flammability non-flammable VO UL94
Dielectric strength 13kV/mm 4x10⁹Ωcm

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