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WAB-HL Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


Flexible, halogen-free polyester braided wrap with hook and loop closure ideal for retro-fit.

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MEGA GLM Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


Expandable braided sleeve which withstands short-term peaks of 230°C and a melting point of 260°C often used in scientific, electronic, electrical and telephonic equipment as well as in television, aviation and marine industries.

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MEGA GLM Megamide Megamide


A high expansion braided jacket valued for its resistance to heat and self-extinguishing characteristics.  It is recommended for aeronautic wire cable feeding.

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P-type Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


An extremely abrasion-resistant self-extinguishing halogen-free expandable braided jacket made from Polyamide 6.6mm (Nylon).  It is perfect for protecting lines and cables on heavy duty  equipment.

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Spiral-B Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


A simple, easy-to-apply method of cable management and/or protection in LDPE or Nylon which allows for breakouts at any point.

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Custom braids Braided sleeving Braided sleeving

Custom braids

Custom wire and textile braids and over braiding services for protective and aesthetic purposes ideal for a unique finish or hard to source products.

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SGS-X Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


Halogen-free, silicone varnish impregnated, expandable braided fibreglass sleeve with excellent thermal, electrical insulating and mechanical protection properties valued for its ease of assembly and snug fit over components.

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Braided sleeving

Printasleeve supply a variety of expandable and non-expanding braided sleeving for bundling, protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, identification and aesthetic purposes. They offer excellent dielectric and mechanical properties and great flexibility to improve the overall operational effectiveness of cables, wires, or bundles and can be applied either during manufacture or retrofitted. Depending on the grade, they can be effective in temperatures ranging from – 70˚C to +235˚C and are available in an extensive range of materials, colours and sizes. Many are available from stock for fast delivery and can be cut and packaged to suit customer requirements.

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