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MEGA GLM is a Megamide braided jacket valued for its resistance to heat. It has a constant working temperature of -40°C to + 170°C, withstands short-term peaks of 230°C and a melting point of 260°C. It is available in sizes up to 30mm and recommended for aeronautic wire cable feeding. It can be cut as required.

This braided jacket is ideal for rigorous mechanical applications where resistance to heat and self-extinguishing characteristics are also a consideration. Exposure of Megamide to a naked flame under test conditions shows that it conforms to current aeronautic standards for electric cables. It is often used in scientific, electronic, electrical and telephonic equipment as well as in television, aviation and marine industries. MEGA GLM has an expansion rate which covers 25 % to 200 % of its supplied minimum diameter and is particularly recommended for aeronautic wire cable feeding. Other grades of Megamide are also available on enquiry.

Technical Data

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C-+170°C
  • Flame Retardant: Self-extinguishing
  • Colours:
    • Black,
    • Other colours available upon request
  • Sizes: 03-07 - 30-34
  • Packing: Reels, cut to length, cut sleeves
  • Approvals: Ul approved, RoHS Compliant
  • Applications / Industries:
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Automotive
    • Military-defence
    • Aerospace
    • Marine
    • Mass-transit
    • Offshore
Properties Typical Values Test Methods
Operating Temperature -40°C - + 170°C
Melt temperature 255°C
Monofilament thickness 0.3mm
Specific gravity 1.13kg/dm³ DIN 53479
Water absorption at 23°C, 50% immersion 2.8%, full immersion 8.5%
Flammability Pass UL94 V2
Chemical resistance Unaffected by most chemicals
Oxygen Index 27% ASMT D 2863
Toxicity Halogen & phosphorus free
Opacity Low smoke density

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