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Pre-printed sleeves and markers

We supply pre-printed PVC, layflat PVC, polyolefin, silicone, neoprene markers as well as wraparound vinyl labels, laminate and tie-on cable markers for identification and organisation of all types of wire and cable installations. These can be single or double sided, as per established international or resistor colour systems or custom printed with part numbers, lot/batch numbers, dates, serial numbers, barcodes or any other alphanumeric characters or symbols as required.

Pre-printed cable and wire markers and idents allow easy identification of wires and speed installation, repair, modification and servicing of complex wiring in all types of electronic and industrial equipment. Here at Printasleeve, we supply a comprehensive range of wire markers and cable tags in standard international and resistor colour systems. Where your system design calls for multiplicity of wiring and ordinary colour coding methods are inadequate, we can also custom print as per your specific requirements. High performance markers are available in a comprehensive range of sleeving materials, including silicone, neoprene, PVC, as well as other heatshrinkable materials to suit specific end user applications. For more information and guidance on your specific requirement, please contact us.

Key Information

Standard cable marker types: PVC (chevron and straight cut), heatshrink polyolefin (ladder/organised sleeves or loose), silicone, neoprene

Other: Wraparound vinyl labels, Tie-on cable markers, Laminate markers, Layflat PVC

Printing formats: Single and double sided, horizontal and vertical print

Print colours: Black, white (many other colours and varying shades also available on request)

Supplied format: Pre cut markers supplied loose or semi-cut in coils and reels (perforation may be available on request)

Packing: In poly bags, on organised, ladder-style carriers, coils, reels, kitting

Free Artwork service

As part of the fully comprehensive print process, we offer a free artwork service.

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Cable Identification Service

We offer a complete service based on our many years of experience and development in this highly specialised field.

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Cable Identification

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