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Hot Foil Stamping

Due to the wide selection of design, font and print colour options available for printing on a vast selection of different sleeve types and sizes, Hot Foil Stamping is perfect for bespoke, top quality branding requirements. It is also offered as a solution to print projects that cannot be effectively completed via thermal transfer printing such as printing on adhesive lined and large diameter sleeving or incorporation of intricate design. Additionally, it is sometimes recommended for use in harsh environments thanks to the enhanced print durability achievable during the print process.

Hot foil stamping is a highly specialised process using state of the art machinery to print images which instantly penetrate, permanently adhere to, and become an integral part of the material they are transferred to. The unexcelled clarity and legibility is achieved using high temperatures to transfer foils and print graphics, text, company name, logo, address, web address, telephone number, equipment part numbers, words, and many other items as depicted on a personalised metal die. This can even transfer print to sleeving which isn’t perfectly flat making it ideal for problematic substrates such as adhesive lined products, thicker wall or large diameter materials. It is dry, non-polluting printing solution which can withstand severe treatment thus enabling durable labeling and branding even in harsh environments. Foils, many of which are held fully tested and ex-stock at Printasleeve, consist of a colour layer, adherence base and release layer. They come in a number of colours and shades including gold, silver, copper and other metallic colours, and may be matt or glossy. For over 30 years, Hot Stamping experts at Printasleeve Ltd have been perfecting the process which involves a delicate balance of heat, pressure and foil, using this expertise to create unique, high end sleeves and markers to label components and promote company services and business. With a logo and/or contact information on your products, customers will remember you.

Artwork service

As part of the fully comprehensive print process, we offer a free artwork service. This involves, advising on print suitability, resizing to fit final fitted size and re-ordering information supplied in spreadsheet format according to the sequence of installation or into kits.

Key Information

Recommended use:  Top quality branding, harsh environments, intricate designs, large diameter sleeve and markers

Suitable substrates: Adhesive and non-adhesive heatshrink polyolefin, heatshrinkable layflat PVC, PVC

Sleeve diameter: 1.6mm – 80mm as standard (for other sizes, please contact us)

Sleeve Length: No restrictions on sleeve length

Max print area: 42mm x 78mm

Print formats:  Single and double sided, horizontal and vertical print, offset or centred, single and multiple lined prints, special fonts, logos, symbols and other graphics

 Print colours: Black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, gold, silver, copper, metallic red, metallic lilac, cream (many other colours and varying shades also available on request)

Supplied format: Pre cut markers, cut to length, continuous lengths in coils and reels, perforated, semi-cut

Packing: In poly bags, on organised, ladder-style carriers, kitting

Free Artwork service

As part of the fully comprehensive print process, we offer a free artwork service.

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Cable Identification Service

We offer a complete service based on our many years of experience and development in this highly specialised field.

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Cable Identification

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