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P-type Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


An extremely abrasion-resistant self-extinguishing halogen-free expandable braided jacket made from Polyamide 6.6mm (Nylon).  It is perfect for protecting lines and cables on heavy duty  equipment.

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Spiral-B Braided sleeving Braided sleeving


A simple, easy-to-apply method of cable management and/or protection in LDPE or Nylon which allows for breakouts at any point.

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Nylon / Polyethylene

Polyamide 6.6mm, low density polythene (LDPE) and nylon braided sleeves offer simple, easy to apply method of cable management and/or protection which allow for breakouts at any point. They are available in sizes up to 100mm and used in sectors such as automotive, marine, and construction where they are valued for their strength and outstanding resistance to wear.

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