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Printasleeve HMT

Printashrink HMT is a an adhesive tape designed for use with heatshrink sleeving and mouldings. It is often used to seal against moisture or as a means of tamper-proofing.

HMT hot melt tape permits the user to profit from the advantages of non-adhesive heatshrink sleeving in terms of variety of available sizes and colours while still being able to enjoy the performance of adhesive-lined heatshrink.

Technical Data

  • Operating Temperature: -55°C - + 105°C
  • Flame Retardant: Halogen Free
  • Colours:
    • Clear
  • Sizes: One size - One size
  • Packing: Rolls
  • Approvals: DEF Stan 59-97 Type W (w), RoHS compliant
  • Applications / Industries:
    • General
    • Commercial
    • Electrical
    • Electronics
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Automotive
    • Marine
Properties Typical Values Test Methods
Operating Temperature -55°C - + 105°C
Flammability Halogen free

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