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Printasleeve HMT Other Adhesive Lined Products Other Adhesive Lined Products

Printasleeve HMT

Adhesive tape for use with heatshrink sleeving and mouldings which is often used to seal against moisture or as a means of tamper-proofing.

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Endcaps/Moulded shapes Other Adhesive Lined Products Other Adhesive Lined Products

Endcaps/Moulded shapes

Endcaps, breakout boots and moulded shapes made from heatshrinkable materials and available with or without adhesive lining.

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Heatshrink Products

Adhesive and non-adhesive heathrink tubing and shapes come in an array of shrink ratios, sizes, thicknesses, colours and compounds meeting industrial and military standards and approvals and with operating temperatures ranging from -200˚C to + 260˚C. Designed for insulation, bundling, environmental and mechanical protection, strain relief, identification and colour coding, chemical and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, encapsulation, and for aesthetic purposes, our heatshrinkable products are a cost-effective, easy to install and versatile solution during manufacture or for repair. Printasleeve stock an extensive range for fast delivery, many of which can be printed (link to printing service) cut and packaged (link to cutting service) to suit customer requirements

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