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Print Perfect Consumables – New Range!

Do you struggle to find readily available, reliable print consumables for your in-house systems? Would you like to move your printing in-house, but haven’t the time to research system and consumables compatibility?  Can you see a future where outsourced printing would be more beneficially achieved in-house? 

These conundrums are not new to Printasleeve and that is why we have recently launched our own range of tried and tested consumables.  We guarantee that these specialist heatshrinks and ribbons have been fully tested and are in frequent use by our own print technicians.  More importantly, we will happily provide every support in finding the combination that exactly suits your requirements.  This means our customers now move swiftly and seamlessly from outsourcing their printing with us to producing in-house secure in knowing that materials, quality and production are maintained throughout transition and beyond.

Disruption of quality and production is something our print customers are telling us prevents their transition to in-house printing even where projected cost and time savings are providing compelling arguments.  Customers are reporting that they are struggling to find print-ready heatshrink and thermal transfer ribbons that are consistently compatible with each other as well as being compliant with their applications.  This is why we are launching our own range of consumables comprising print-ready markers and heatshrink sleeving which have undergone a number of highly specific flattening and cleansing processes to ensure optimum printing as well as thermal transfer ribbons and foils in a combination of wax and resin which have been fully tested to ensure maximum durability and vibrancy.  These consumables are not only perfect for the printers and software we sell, but also the majority of other print systems available on today’s market. 

Printasleeve’s range print-ready heatshrink is readily available in a number of grades meeting different industry specific standards including MIL-SPEC, fire safety, RoHS and REACH, UL and CSA regulations, and are offered in a wide range of colours and sizes as continuous sleeving or as labels on organised, ladder-style carriers.  Likewise, our thermal transfer ribbons can be supplied in variety of colours and widths for different applications, machines and requirements.

Let us help you get you set up quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to source a consumables for an existing print system or wish to initiate one, take advantage of our 30 years of printing experience for a fully support package comprising the perfect combination of heatshrink and ribbons for your specific requirements.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help meet your requirements.

Author: Liz Clemow
Categories: News

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